WordPress Plugin Update V1.2.14

What’s new?

The Zara 4 WordPress plugin version 1.2.14 introduces a new admin dashboard widget that:

  • Shows your recent image compression usage as a graph
  • Shows your account info (name, email) and remaining image processing allowance
  • Provides buttons for easy access to the plugin settings and site images

The new admin dashboard widget is enabled by default, but can be disabled from the Zara 4 plugin settings page under the ‘Advanced’ settings tab (see below).

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Dashboard Widget

Below is an example of what the new dashboard widget will look like on the WordPress admin page.

Dashboard Widget

Enable/Disable Widget

The image below shows the ‘Advanced’ settings tab for the Zara 4 plugin setting page.

To enable/disable the new widget, select the ‘Enable dashboard widget’ for the ‘Dashboard Widget’ setting, and click ‘Save Settings’

Dashboard Widget Settings

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